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<x-rich><fontfamily><param>Arial</param>Hello All,

Here's a question that arrived in the TLS mailbox. It's a common
question to field at TLS, but this time it's been put quite succinctly
and I was wondering if anybody out there (expecially any of you
SW'murricans want to take a stab at answering publicly in TLS.

Let me know!


<smaller>Dear Editor,

In February of 2001, after thinking about building a natural building
for several years, I ordered 20 past subscriptions to the Last Straw as
well as a new membership which I continue to receive.  I read them all
and was totally sold on building a load bearing straw bale home.  Then
I decided to read about other types of natural construction and have
since read 20 plus, (every) book on the subject, including stone
houses, adobe, rammed earth,cob, earthship, etc.etc.

PS.   The best book I've read most recently, "The Natural Plaster Book"
by Cedar Rose Guelberth & Dan Chiras is a detailed description on how
to finish any and all of the above natural homes which brings me to
this e-mail today.  Because of my extensive reading, I feel that I
could build any of these style homes or even a combination thereof (in
my sleep).  The problem is, which one or combination there of would be
best for me?  I live in Southern Arizona but am looking to build in
Mexico's Baja Norte which is of similar climate.  Do I use straw bale
because of the insulation abilities, or adobe earth for thermal mass,
or a combination thereof?  The more I read the more I get confused and
the longer it takes for me to begin the actual project. 

Does Last Straw have any writers that can help answer this question
with my region in mind, with explanations of why?

Sincere Regards,

Dave Adams 




<center>Chris Magwood / Camel's Back Straw Bale Construction


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