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GSBN: Digest for 7/10/03

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-> Fwd:  Could you help me?
     by Strawnet@...


Date: 10 Jul 2003 19:04:25 -0500
From: Strawnet@...
Subject: Fwd:  Could you help me?

I received this message today and thought I'd see if anyone would like to 
respond to this request. Do we have any SE Asia list members these days?  
And does anyone know if they have balers in Cambodia?  Please let me know 
if you any of you do reply, so I'll know that there has been a response. 
I may have time to write this weekend if no one else does.


David Eisenberg
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Date:        7/10/03 3:34 PM
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From:   joymaker_lee@...
To: strawnet@...
I love straw bale house, and am going to build a house in Cambodia with
Straw bale. Before I construct straw bale house, I am researching that
it is possible to build straw bale in Cambodia. As we know that the
climate of Cambodia is tropical, hence moisture can be a barrier to
build straw bale house. I want to know how to solve this barrier. If
you know the way how to overcome moisture problem, and if you have any
experience, have information or news related to straw bale house in
tropical climate, Could you send email to me with a details?
Thank you!
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
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