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GSBN:Aesthetic Bait !


In 12 days - July 28th - approximately 400 architecture students from ALL over Europe will gather in little Denmark.
During two weeks of workshops the theme "Sustainable Living" will be explored.

As a representative of Friland (a Coop / Community with housing and workplaces) which is co-hosting the event, I will be opening the first of many interesting evenings with an introduction to Friland and Sustainable Building.

As my audience is architecture students I am going to mix three things:
- the spoken word
- humor
- beautiful pictures

I therefore have a request:

If you have a particularly beautiful and interesting photo of a building / a process / a material etc. - smth related to sustainable building and Living, will you then mail me a digital copy to this email address: larskeller@...
It is important that you include explanatory text.

Yours sincerely
Lars Keller

Lars Keller
Friland 12 B
8410 R¿nde

+45 8668 0505 (landline)
+45 2024 0505 (mobile)