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Re: GSBN:Help : Bales and sound suppression


I can't give you any measured numbers for un plastered bales maybe in the future.

What I can give you is this Please take into careful consideration these are preliminary results and not the final report.

The test has been done according to ISO 140-3 which is to determine the sound isolation of a building member between 2 acoustically separated chambers (the test sample is placed in an aperture between the chambers)

The SB sample consisted of:

- Building quality bales ie density according to the codes. 450mm thick
- Earth/clay plaster 25mm and 35mm (intentionally asymmetrical cover)
- No reinforcing plaster nettting or mesh

The preliminary result is:

63Hz  30.9dB
125Hz 36.4dB
250Hz 36.1dB
500Hz 46.2dB
1000Hz 59.1dB
2000Hz 67.0dB
4000Hz 59.2dB

Sound sorption measurements have not been made.

At 08:32 PM 8/4/03, you wrote:
Can anyone help?
From: John_DiGregoria@...


During your work with hay bales as building structures, did you come across
or conduct any research regarding how hay bale walls will attenuate noise.
We often require project proponents to construct noise attentuation
structures to reduce noise impacts to sensitive wildlife and are looking
for some research regarding straw bales.


John DiGregoria
Fish and Wildlife Biologist

Rene Dalmeijer