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GSBN: Digest for 8/13/03

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-> FW: Greece
     by Joyce Coppinger jc10508@...


Date: 13 Aug 2003 07:42:43 -0500
From: Joyce Coppinger jc10508@...
Subject: FW: Greece

If you can help Robert get connected with strawbalers in Greece or other
countries nearby, please email him directly.  Thanks for your help!

- -- 
Joyce Coppinger
Managing Editor/TLS

- ----------
From: "holisticharmony.com" ren@...
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 16:46:54 +0300
To: thelaststraw@...
Subject: Greece

Dear Friends,

I am interested in learning more about building homes from straw bales, but
live in Greece.

Do you have anyone over here who knows how to build such homes.

Do you have blueprints for such homes?

Thank you for your help,

Robert Elias Najemy



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