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GSBN:Vs: Young natural builder looking for a deal.

Dear everyone

On this beautifull summer eve I send focused thoughts out into the world regarding the future of a young man.

Anders M¿lg?rd belongs to the future generation of sustainable builders.
I have had the lucky chance to guide him through his first travels and building sites, and I am now looking for a deal for him that will take him to America or Australia / NZ.
My intention is to broaden his horizon even more.

Anders is a fantastic young man. He is full of energy, initiative, and focus.
He has skills, learns fast, and can be trusted.
He has my full support.

During the past 1,5 year he has been straw bale building in Spain with Steen M¿ller, in Denmark with myself, and with Barbara Jones in England.
He has been thatching in Denmark and is at the moment thatching in Germany.
He has been building mass stone ovens in Sweeden with Johannes Riesterer, and in Denmark with Agner Thulesen.
Furthermore he has attended formal technical drafting courses during the winter.
The last three weeks he was my workshop leader #1 during the www.easa003.dk workhshop.

The deal I find very fair for both parties goes like this:
You are an experienced natural builder / run a natural building company.
You need a man for one or more projects.
You will provide food & lodging + travel costs. 
Anders will work for free, minimum normal working weekhours, minimum 1,5 month pr trans-continental return-ticket paid.

Time period is primo September - app ultimo December / January. This period can consist of one
or more geographical places. It will be good for Anders to both have continuity and also get different inspirations.

If it is difficult to make the time scedule tight, then Anders will easily
find projects on his own to do in between.

I look very much forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely
Lars Keller

PS: I will happily call you by phone. My number is: 0045 2024 0505.