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RE: Re: GSBN:SB Registry Insurance info

Thank you all for your responses. I managed to accidentally send this by way
of my work email address renevega@...change all future
correspondence to my personal email address: draco@...have also
included my wife Selene in this list.


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> From: Maurice Bennett [mailto:mbenn1035@yahoo.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 9:15 AM
> To: Ren? Vega; Bill Christensen; Joyce Coppinger; Advisory Board
> Subject: Fwd: Re: GSBN:SB Registry Insurance info
> Well - there you have it.
> "knowingly" insure a SB ?? - heck the plans were plain
> as day weren't they?
> I would suggest that rather than have a flurry of
> responses from all quarters to State Farm that somehow
> we (the SB community) assemble a reasoned and well
> supported response to these "concerns" - line by
> line!!!
> maybe if the EXPERTS would assemble a response CASBA
> and Mid-America and COSBA could submit an "official"
> response?????
> I'm not the expert so help me here folks.
> And how do we do it in sufficient time to help the
> Vegas with their immediate problem.
> Maurice.
> Note: forwarded message attached.
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