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GSBN:RE: Insurance

Bill said:
I'm sad to report that I've temporarily taking the list of insurance references from the Straw Bale Registry offline.

Joyce said:
Perhaps the GSBN members could work together to provide informed responses to State Farm and share information that would educate their attorneys,
underwriters and claims adjusters about straw-bale construction.

I say:
I have read on multiple sources that most insurance companies are canceling policies left and right. Explanations vary, but there is agreement that the goal is to cut the number of policies, not to provide consistent, logical or customer oriented service. If this is true, then information and education is unlikely to change the policies of companies that are blacklisting SB. John's suggestion (below) seems more promising.


--On Tuesday, August 26, 2003 8:24 AM -0700 John Swearingen johns@... wrote:

Perhaps a way to handle this might be to identify companies that DO
want to insure strawbale, confirm with them that they are favorable
or at least have no policy that would preclude strawbale (whether
or not they currently insure, knowingly or unknowingly, any
strawbale homes), and then list them on the site.

John Swearingen

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