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Re: GSBN:RE: Insurance

I would like to second Derek and John's opinion.

The companies that chose to do business with customers who are after ecological alternatives are the ones you should support and seek out. In the Netherlands and I suppose many other countries, banks and other institutions who extend mortages or insurance are continually looking for new markets. The nice thing for us is that some of these companies are finding out about the growing ecological market as a new potentially low risk market. In general people seeking out ecological alternatives are caring and careful people and therefore generally low risk paying customers. In the Netherlands we now have the case that these institutions are now actively seeking us out to participate with us to tap this potentially profitable market.

To avoid a blacklisting of SB it is very important not to promote SB as a cheap alternative. We 'sell' SB as an alternative to main stream technology for the same price but with high insulation and sustainability as a bonus, ie you pay the same but get better quality.

At 10:24 PM 8/26/03, you wrote:
I say:
I have read on multiple sources that most insurance companies are canceling policies left and right. Explanations vary, but there is agreement that the goal is to cut the number of policies, not to provide consistent, logical or customer oriented service. If this is true, then information and education is unlikely to change the policies of companies that are blacklisting SB. John's suggestion (below) seems more promising.

Rene Dalmeijer