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RE: GSBN:SB Registry Insurance info

Hello all,

I've been silent for a while due to various commitments 
(overcommitments?) and lack of support but I want to let you know that 
I've been writing a couple of things related to State Farm and the 
insurance issue in general and just haven't had time to complete them. 
But they involve two approaches to this issue. First, a short-term direct 
response to State Farm (though I have low expectations for swaying their 
decision, they still need to be challenged on their assertions and claims 
about sb construction). I am writing a draft response that I intend to 
share as a starting point. We need to think strategically about who that 
letter should be coming from - perhaps a national or international 
coalition or pseudo-association - GSBN?

We might also think about warning them about restraint of trade issues 
and slander in relation to what they say and do publicly about a 
technology and budding industry that employs many people and has 
potentially enormous direct benefit to the insurance sector in its 
ability to address issues of global warming, climate change and the 
attendent risks they pose to the insurance underwriting industry 
worldwide), and that has been accepted by the building officials and 
other agencies in the States of California, Oregon, and the majority of 
building departments in Arizona, Colorado, Washington State, etc. 

The second piece is something I was embarked upon years ago which is 
making the bigger case that the insurance and reinsurance sectors are 
blocking precisely the kind of changes that their future depends on, 
given their risks related to climate change. There is a third thing that 
I'll just say is looking into socially and environmentally conscious 
insurance and financial funds for creating the kind of insurance agency 
that we actually need and could all suppport. 

I would write more but I have jury duty today and can't be late for it.  
Just a heads up that I'm squeezing this into my already insane schedule 
because I think I have some insights into ways to address this that might 
help at least deal with the mid to long term aspects. 



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