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GSBN:Open to the Public - TLS now updating

Hello everyone,

We at The Last Straw are currently working on an update of the "Open to the
Public" list of residential and commercial buildings worldwide. In addition
to entries we can identify from the International SB Registry, we hope you
will help spread the word for us, and also identify any buildings you know
of - past and present.

The description of the building should include square footage, s.f. costs
(if available), special features or design considerations. Full contact
information (person to contact, business name/if appropriate, mailing
address, phone/fax, email, web site) is needed, as well. For commercial
sites, a brief note about the business might be interesting to include, too.

We will be glad to follow-up on contacts you provide for us and visit web
sites you recommend, but if you have descriptive information, that's very
helpful too!

We would appreciate hearing from you by the end of September.  Thanks for
all your assistance and support!

Joyce Coppinger
Managing Editor/TLS