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GSBN:Straw Bale Mutual Insurance Co. ?

Just a ran-dumb thought regarding this insurance hub-bub ...

I haven't looked at the stats lately but I'm wondering if there are enough SBH and SB enthusiasts around the world to create a "Straw Bale Mutual Insurance Company" whereby we put some of our spare cash into an aggregate fund which is ostensibly intended to "insure" SBH for official purposes but in reality, it would just be a place to temporarily stash money which if invested wisely would yield the same returns (or more) as any other conservative investment.

Is there a minimum required before a group can be recognised as an insurer for official purposes ? Would $5 million suffice ? (ie Quick wild-@$$ guesstimate ... 1000 baleheads globally, each with $5k to invest)

Since it would be a puny company it would have to be very rigorous in it's inspections & conditions but I think that's a Good Thing all around.

If we as a community aren't willing take the risk, then can we really expect the Usurers to do so ?

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Robert W. Tom
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

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