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RE: GSBN:RE: Insurance

I got the following reply from Rene Vega about his insurance...

Yes, I have been talking up the chain of command at State Farm, and from the
carefully rehearsed responses I have received to date, the real driver is
the company is pulling out of California because of general fire risk. The
key phrase I have received is "so long as we are consistent in our coverage
criteria, we can do whatever we please". Thus, they have broken their market
into various segments and deny policies across the board. "Straw Bale House"
is one such denied coverage niche. "Rammed Earth construction" is another.
Basically, they only insure "Standard Wood Construction".

I'm looking around but the main point of my letter is that State Farm is
activity running through their portfolio and dumping any out of norm houses.
They found me through the straw bale registry and no doubt they now have the
names of the many other people who listed themselves there.

That they can get away with this is reprehensible but acceptable business
practice unless prohibited by law. I thought California has a law
prohibiting discrimination of straw bale structures. Maybe it was just a
proposed rule making.