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GSBN:A World "Tour" of Straw Bale

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Hello All!
As you may know, the upcoming issue of The Last Straw is aiming
to be a "world tour" of straw bale activity. I think it
would very rewarding for all of us to see what's become of this global
movement in such a relatively short period of time.
This world tour issue will have two main focuses.
<b>1) Project reports from unique structures or initiatives
world-wide.</b> Already, we have articles about fascinating projects
in Saudi Arabia, Nicaragua and Russia. Stories or leads for other
projects would be very welcomed. Buildings don't have to be in
"exotic" locations, but should be unique or remarkable in
some way.
<b>2) Country reports or regional reports.</b> It would be great
if we could get updates from all over the world that give a sense of
where the straw bale movement is at in each place (number of
structures, public structures, unique initiatives and buildings,
research, gov't involvement, etc). Anybody who feels up to the task of
writing up a "Regional Report" would not only receive the
undying gratitude of a small-time editor, but would also<b> be the
recipient of a free, one-year, online subscription to TLS!</b>
These reports do not need to be long (anywhere from 200-1000
words, hopefully with a few pictures), but they should be as
comprehensive as possible and include contact information for any
associations, builders, researchers, gov't agencies or any other
groups mentioned in the article. This is a perfect opportunity for
those straw bale enthusiasts who would like to be involved but aren't
currently builders or owners to get involved, do some research, make
some contacts, and find themselves in the middle of the straw bale
"movement" in their area.
Please help us make this "world tour" issue as complete
and fascinating as possible. It will make for good reading, good
learning, and be an impressive tool for all of us in convincing our
local constituency that we are not a handful of isolated nutbars, but
part of a growing, international movement toward more sane housing
<b>The deadline for this issue is October 10.</b>
As always, send all stories, photos, leads, contacts, barbs and
letter bombs to:
Chris Magwood
RR#3, 2648 Cooper Rd, Madoc, Ontario, Canada K0K 2K0

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