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GSBN:Re: Mechanical Systems in Commercial SB building

I have a client who is trying to get his mechanical engineers to
the level of energy efficiency of a bale building, while also
attempting to
help them see the world outside of their small boxes. He wants to
his mechanical systems, and they have designed him a cadillac
system.  The
project is a natural food store in Montana and we are looking for
of not-too-complicated systems placed in commercial bale structures.
anyone help with this one?  Any example projects come to  mind?

Jeff Ruppert, P.E.

The key question is modeling the energy use of this building, in its local climate, considering the intended use factors. Regardless of the design and materials, heating and cooling systems must handle the energy losses of the structure. To design and specify mechanical systems without knowing the parameters of the building seems irresponsible to me. When the parameters are known, specifying a system that is inappropriately large (or small) is a disservice to the client.

OK, so Jeff already said that this is the problem he is trying to solve. I suggest contacting John Swearingen, at SkillfulMeans.com. He has referred to his use of the Energy 10 software for modeling the energy usage for some of his SB buildings. I suspect that he works with engineers, who have experience in modeling energy usage in SB structures.


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