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RE: GSBN:Mechanical Systems in Commercial SB building

Another candidate company - would be Davis Energy Group - clever is as clever does.... They are very good. A food store would have some neat synergies of refrigeration waste heat...for....
Daylighting of course...

Marshall Hunt might be a good adviser as well - not sure where his hat is hanging these days.



I have a client who is trying to get his mechanical engineers to understand
the level of energy efficiency of a bale building, while also attempting to
help them see the world outside of their small boxes.  He wants to simplify
his mechanical systems, and they have designed him a cadillac system.  The
project is a natural food store in Montana and we are looking for examples
of not-too-complicated systems placed in commercial bale structures.  Can
anyone help with this one?  Any example projects come to  mind?

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