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GSBN: Unlikely award for SB construction!

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<div align="center">BILLINGS, Mont., Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Robert
Young, 42, of Bozeman, Mont., walked into Underriner Motors yesterday
and drove out with a free Volvo car. Every three years for the rest of
his life, he'll do the exact same thing.
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<div align="center">Earlier this year, celebrities -- including Hank
Aaron, Paul Newman and Caroline Kennedy -- named Young "America's
Greatest Hometown Hero" in the first Volvo for Life Awards, the
nation's largest annual search for and celebration of hometown

<div align="center">Young, executive director of Red Feather
Development Group ( <a
href="http://www.redfeather.org";>www.redfeather.org</a> ), was
recognized for helping American Indians build housing out of a
sustainable resource: straw bales. 

<div align="center">"Robert's efforts toward bringing hope and
housing to American Indians is truly extraordinary," said Vic
Doolan, president and chief executive officer for Volvo Cars of North
America. "His work personifies the conscience, care and character
the Volvo for Life Awards celebrates. We congratulate him on this

<div align="center">Introduced in December 2002 by Volvo Cars of North
America, the Volvo for Life Awards asks people to nominate a local
hero they know at <a
> . In its first year, more than 2,000 hero nominations were
submitted. At a New York awards ceremony in April -- judges Aaron,
Newman, Kennedy, Bill Bradley, Jane Goodall, Maya Lin, Sally Ride and
Eunice Kennedy Shriver -- named Young the top hero. Volvo provided him
$60,000 in grants, and a Volvo every three years for the rest of his

<div align="center">Young chose a 2004 Volvo XC90 SUV as his first
vehicle. In October 2006, he'll turn in the car for another free

<div align="center">"It's incredible to be honored by Volvo with
such an award," Young added. "This program can have a
lifelong impact on people, and I'm delighted that my involvement with
the Volvo for Life Awards will continue." 

<div align="center">Nominations for the second annual Volvo for Life
Awards are now being accepted through Jan. 16, 2004, at
www.volvoforlifeawards.com . Young will join Aaron, Bradley, Kennedy,
Lin, Newman, Ride and Shriver to select the next program winner, who
will be chosen in April 2004 and also presented with a Volvo car for
life. For more information, visit www.volvoforlifeawards.com . A
Spanish version of this site can also be accessed at this address. 

<div align="center">About Robert Young 

<div align="center">Young's Red Feather Development Group is dedicated
to helping hundreds of thousands of Native Americans experiencing a
housing crisis. Of the two million Native Americans living on
reservations, more than 300,000 are homeless. Thousands more live in
life-threatening, substandard conditions. 

<div align="center">Many more live together -- in groups of up to 20
people in some cases -- in dilapidated shacks and uninsulated
trailers. And, every winter, native elders freeze to death in their
homes. Young and his volunteers teach reservation residents how to
build homes out of a sustainable, abundant resource: straw bales. 

<div align="center">Young has partnered with the University of
Washington and Penn State University to design a straw bale model that
is three times more energy- efficient than a typical home. With
Young's help, some families save enough in monthly heating costs alone
to pay the majority of a home mortgage. More importantly, they are
finding a lasting solution to a problem that has plagued their
communities for decades. 

<div align="center">Young is a native of Seattle, where he founded Red
Feather Development Group. He moved his offices to Bozeman in May

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<div align="center">Source: Volvo Cars of North America
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