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Re: GSBN:TLS World Tour of Straw Bale

Hello Chris.
You have got a report from Norway from Arild Berg - so we are one of the
klever nations.
I have just been in Russia - building a strawbalehouse and since Russia is
on this list I would be interested to know if you have any contact with
natural builders / projects in the St. Petersburg area. This would be

Rolf Jacobsen.
Gaia architects. Norway.
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Subject: GSBN:TLS World Tour of Straw Bale

> Hello All!
> Just to let you know that as of the passing of the "official"
> deadline for articles for the upcoming TLS "world tour" issue, we
> have reports from many parts of the world, but are still missing a
> few that would be great to include.
> Received so far are reports/articles from:
> France
> Norway
> Nicaragua
> Spain
> Canada
> USA (none from any of the regional assns, however)
> Saudi Arabia
> Israel
> Germany
> Russia
> Happy smiles and gold stars to everybody in those nations!
> Conspicuously absent are:
> England/UK
> Denmark
> Holland
> Australia
> New Zealand
> Belgium
> Austria
> Mongolia
> to name a few of the places where we know there are projects going on...
> We are looking for articles on particular projects, or an overview of
> recent bale building activity in that area. If you know of activity
> in other places, please let me know soon. The real real deadline is
> soon approaching, and I'd like for this issue to be as complete as
> possible.
> Remember, I'm willing to take your leads and do the legwork myself!
> Hope all is well out there!
> Chris
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