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Re: GSBN:TLS World Tour of Straw Bale

Hi Chris
some brief news from John Zhang and Mike Faine. John has developed his
stressed straw bale arch system such that Jason Nash (straw bale builder
from the Blue Mountains) is constructing one of these buildings (as a farm
shed) for a client based at Dubbo NSW. Once further testing of this system
has been completed at UWS John hopes to see more of his Straw bale arches
being used as dwellings. 
We are both conducting further research into SB construction, I have had a
student working on the moisture absorption properties of three different SB
render systems and hope to have details of that test published soon.
I have also designed a large family residence at Rylestone NSW that
features a structure of recycled bridge timbers with infill walls of SB and
field stone. Construction should commence soon.
kind regards Mike.

At 11:44 AM 15/10/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello All!
>Just to let you know that as of the passing of the "official" 
>deadline for articles for the upcoming TLS "world tour" issue, we 
>have reports from many parts of the world, but are still missing a 
>few that would be great to include.
>Received so far are reports/articles from:
>USA (none from any of the regional assns, however)
>Saudi Arabia
>Happy smiles and gold stars to everybody in those nations!
>Conspicuously absent are:
>New Zealand
>to name a few of the places where we know there are projects going on...
>We are looking for articles on particular projects, or an overview of 
>recent bale building activity in that area. If you know of activity 
>in other places, please let me know soon. The real real deadline is 
>soon approaching, and I'd like for this issue to be as complete as 
>Remember, I'm willing to take your leads and do the legwork myself!
>Hope all is well out there!
>Chris Magwood / Camel's Back Straw Bale Construction
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