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RE: GSBN:TLS World Tour of Straw Bale


I just arrived from Brittany (greetigs from Pascal) and need to keep up our
work with www.quantumwoningen.nl a building system which uses local
lambswool for isolation, sort of another sweater. All materials used are
certified, so all builders, architects and developers can use them without
problems. Today someone from the Dutch Ministery agreed to talk during the
introduction of the system at 11 december 2003. So far we are totally
involved in preparing details. Sure I will send specifics as soon as
possible. We calculate that system for 85 m2 for a net production price of
approx. ¥ 50.000 which is incredible cheap over here. We use "plug and play"
principles. Tomorrow the first offer for the first customer will be ready.

Rene I remember you had a nice philosophical article, maybe you could add
something about the project in Warns?

France: I received a copy of a preliminary project report incl. test results
from November 2002 of constructions of 2 houses in Montholier. Its set up is
professional done by Alain Grelat, chef du projet, pilote du programme
scientifique, CEBTP. You might contact Montholier.ce@...
best if someone connected with that project writes an article. Possibly a
GSBN aspirant? Check also www.ffbatiment.fr

Very best wishes, Martin

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Verzonden: woensdag 15 oktober 2003 18:48
Onderwerp: Re: GSBN:TLS World Tour of Straw Bale

Hello Chris.
You have got a report from Norway from Arild Berg - so we are one of the
klever nations.
I have just been in Russia - building a strawbalehouse and since Russia is
on this list I would be interested to know if you have any contact with
natural builders / projects in the St. Petersburg area. This would be

Rolf Jacobsen.
Gaia architects. Norway.
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Subject: GSBN:TLS World Tour of Straw Bale

> Hello All!
> Just to let you know that as of the passing of the "official"
> deadline for articles for the upcoming TLS "world tour" issue, we
> have reports from many parts of the world, but are still missing a
> few that would be great to include.
> Received so far are reports/articles from:
> France
> Norway
> Nicaragua
> Spain
> Canada
> USA (none from any of the regional assns, however)
> Saudi Arabia
> Israel
> Germany
> Russia
> Happy smiles and gold stars to everybody in those nations!
> Conspicuously absent are:
> England/UK
> Denmark
> Holland
> Australia
> New Zealand
> Belgium
> Austria
> Mongolia
> to name a few of the places where we know there are projects going on...
> We are looking for articles on particular projects, or an overview of
> recent bale building activity in that area. If you know of activity
> in other places, please let me know soon. The real real deadline is
> soon approaching, and I'd like for this issue to be as complete as
> possible.
> Remember, I'm willing to take your leads and do the legwork myself!
> Hope all is well out there!
> Chris
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