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RE: GSBN:Building Size Search

Hola Joyce
Architect Kent Hems has a Straw Bale church under construction in
Imperial county , CA (Bordered by Mexico to the south, and Arizona on
the east) that is larger than the Ridge Winery.
This from Kent on Thursday 10/30/03:
The church building is just over 21,000 SF and consists of a
pre-engineered metal frame that is being infilled with straw.  We have
the door bucks up with the first bale in place around the perimeter
along with one 20 foot section of wall.  That was as far as the County
would lets go on the first Phase of our permit.  The remainder of the
permit is forthcoming, possibly tomorrow which means we will begin
stacking real soon.  Feel free to pay me a visit any time just give me a
couple of days warning since I have been super busy.

The fires have been sad to observe,  a real tragedy!  We pray that they
can be extinguished soon.

Keep in touch. 
Kenton Hems, Architect
619 Paulin Avenue  Suite 107
Calexico, CA  92231
fon - 760.768.5033
fax - 760.768.5034

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Subject: GSBN:Building Size Search

Hello everyone,

We're looking for information on large straw-bale buildings used for
commercial or recreational purposes.  Here's why!  Brian Hodge in
Australia wrote to us recently as follows:  Do you have any idea as to
what is the largest building built so far in straw bale. The building we
are planning will have a main auditorium of around 64 meters square
(aprox 1 acre) plus other training rooms ammenities, offices etc. Some
of the Commonwealth Games events are being held in Bendigo at another
facility and, we don't know what our chances are, but wouldn't it be
great for strawbale if we could get one or two events in a straw bale
building, as I am sure we could get media coverage on that.

Let us hear from you and we'll pass the information along to Brian, and
expect to read more about large sb buildings as well as sb buildings
used for commercial and/or recreational purposes in future issue(s) of
The Last Straw.

Thanks so much!


Joyce Coppinger
Managing Editor/TLS