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Re: GSBN:Building Size Search


The obvious building that comes to my mind is the 350 seat Rabo Bank auditorium of the 2002 Floriade.

Its on my website www.rened.cistron.nl English>SB houses>Floriade. I dont have dimensions but it is a big building Tom Rijven tom.paille@... intensely involved in the project. He knows exactly what it means to make a SB building under show time circumstances.

At 06:52 PM 10/30/03, you wrote:
Hello everyone,

We're looking for information on large straw-bale buildings used for
commercial or recreational purposes.  Here's why!  Brian Hodge in Australia
wrote to us recently as follows:  Do you have any idea as to what is the
largest building built so far in straw bale. The building we are planning
will have a main auditorium of around 64 meters square (aprox 1 acre) plus
other training rooms ammenities, offices etc. Some of the Commonwealth Games
events are being held in Bendigo at another facility and, we don't know what
our chances are, but wouldn't it be great for strawbale if we could get one
or two events in a straw bale building, as I am sure we could get media
coverage on that.

Let us hear from you and we'll pass the information along to Brian, and
expect to read more about large sb buildings as well as sb buildings used
for commercial and/or recreational purposes in future issue(s) of The Last

Thanks so much!


Joyce Coppinger
Managing Editor/TLS

Rene Dalmeijer