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Dear Straw Bale Networker.

With this letter I want to inform you, that we in Europe have startet preparing for next year«s big event, the ISBBC 04 - the International Straw Bale Building Conference 2004.

The overall setup goes as follows...

Education - the next generation

Europe, Denmark, Friland. 


Strawbale-Convoys: strawbale-house-tours collecting partizipants and end up in Friland. Week 24.
Building Week: a pre- or post- gathering sb-workshop for newcomers. Week 24 or 26. Yet no decided.
Gathering: the international straw bale building conference. Week 25.
Summer of Building: future builders spread all over, learning by doing. Week 26 onwards.

More about the Building Summer:
The different European building projects of the summer and autumn «04 will present 
themselves. These projects will have space for people to participate. These 
spaces will be coordinated. This will be done according to ?Hands for 
Knowledge? a concept which lays out rules for the (money-less) interaction between 
building projects and people who want to learn natural building.


We have chosen to recycle the 1999 American convoy.
We have chosen to recycle the Australian setup with a one-week gathering.

We are planning to put high priority on the workshops. And we intend to widen the horizon by including a wide range of sustainable building solutions (eg waste water treatment plants, solar heating, ...

Please send comments, ideas, warnings, suggestions etc direct to:

Yours sincerely
Lars Keller


Lars Keller
Friland 12 B
8410 R¿nde