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Re: GSBN:Building Size Search

Think I'll put that low on the priority list. Thanks, Bill!


on 10/31/03 4:06 AM, billc_lists@...

> At one time the UFO-nutburgers in Canada, the Raelians, claimed to
> have the largest SB building.  Not sure that I'd really want to track
> that one down though.
> At 11:52 AM -0600 10/30/03, Joyce Coppinger wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> We're looking for information on large straw-bale buildings used for
>> commercial or recreational purposes.  Here's why!  Brian Hodge in Australia
>> wrote to us recently as follows:  Do you have any idea as to what is the
>> largest building built so far in straw bale. The building we are planning
>> will have a main auditorium of around 64 meters square (aprox 1 acre) plus
>> other training rooms ammenities, offices etc. Some of the Commonwealth Games
>> events are being held in Bendigo at another facility and, we don't know what
>> our chances are, but wouldn't it be great for strawbale if we could get one
>> or two events in a straw bale building, as I am sure we could get media
>> coverage on that.
>> Let us hear from you and we'll pass the information along to Brian, and
>> expect to read more about large sb buildings as well as sb buildings used
>> for commercial and/or recreational purposes in future issue(s) of The Last
>> Straw.