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RE: GSBN:Building Size Search

Thank you Joyce - I appreciate your thoughtfulness
We know of the 2 SBs that were lost in the fire in our local, but do not
know if there were any others that I am unaware of.
The Crestridge Ecological Preserve building was unpermitted, and thus
uninsured. I spoke With Leslie Reynolds, the gal in charge of the
project, last night, and we are gearing up to find some more $s for the
project. That could be tough for a while, as the State is beyond broke,
and there are other projects/people that take a greater priority, of
I just had an email exchange with the Woolf's and they are in the
process of assessing the project and working on seeing how much they
will get for their loss. It was not quite finished (not yet plastered),
so they will have to make some determination of the "value". No way to
retrieve their sweat equity. I will keep you all informed, and as needs
arrive, I will pass them on - Thank you so much for your concern.

Bob Bolles
Sustainable Building Systems
San Diego County, California
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Thanks, Bob. 

I think I visited with Kent a while back. Good to have my memory

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in or near the fires in
California. We hope there will be an end to all this destruction and
tragedy soon. Can people send money or help in other ways for those in
the strawbale community who have suffered losses - and if we can, tell
us where and how.

Take care,


on 10/31/03 6:05 AM, Bob Bolles at Bob@...:

> Hola Joyce
> Architect Kent Hems has a Straw Bale church under construction in 
> Imperial county , CA (Bordered by Mexico to the south, and Arizona on 
> the east) that is larger than the Ridge Winery. This from Kent on 
> Thursday 10/30/03: <snip>
> The church building is just over 21,000 SF and consists of a
> pre-engineered metal frame that is being infilled with straw.  We have
> the door bucks up with the first bale in place around the perimeter
> along with one 20 foot section of wall.  That was as far as the County
> would lets go on the first Phase of our permit.  The remainder of the
> permit is forthcoming, possibly tomorrow which means we will begin
> stacking real soon.  Feel free to pay me a visit any time just give me
> couple of days warning since I have been super busy.
> The fires have been sad to observe,  a real tragedy!  We pray that 
> they can be extinguished soon.
> Keep in touch.