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Re: GSBN:Building Size Search

Appreciate the updates you are sending. We'll help where we can, if needed.


on 11/1/03 1:09 PM, Bob Bolles at Bob@...:

> Thank you Joyce - I appreciate your thoughtfulness
> We know of the 2 SBs that were lost in the fire in our local, but do not
> know if there were any others that I am unaware of.
> The Crestridge Ecological Preserve building was unpermitted, and thus
> uninsured. I spoke With Leslie Reynolds, the gal in charge of the
> project, last night, and we are gearing up to find some more $s for the
> project. That could be tough for a while, as the State is beyond broke,
> and there are other projects/people that take a greater priority, of
> course.
> I just had an email exchange with the Woolf's and they are in the
> process of assessing the project and working on seeing how much they
> will get for their loss. It was not quite finished (not yet plastered),
> so they will have to make some determination of the "value". No way to
> retrieve their sweat equity. I will keep you all informed, and as needs
> arrive, I will pass them on - Thank you so much for your concern.
> Regards
> Bob
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> Thanks, Bob. 
> I think I visited with Kent a while back. Good to have my memory
> refreshed.
> Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in or near the fires in
> California. We hope there will be an end to all this destruction and
> tragedy soon. Can people send money or help in other ways for those in
> the strawbale community who have suffered losses - and if we can, tell
> us where and how.
> Take care,
> Joyce 
> on 10/31/03 6:05 AM, Bob Bolles at Bob@...:
>> Hola Joyce
>> Architect Kent Hems has a Straw Bale church under construction in
>> Imperial county , CA (Bordered by Mexico to the south, and Arizona on
>> the east) that is larger than the Ridge Winery. This from Kent on
>> Thursday 10/30/03: <snip>
>> The church building is just over 21,000 SF and consists of a
>> pre-engineered metal frame that is being infilled with straw.  We have
>> the door bucks up with the first bale in place around the perimeter
>> along with one 20 foot section of wall.  That was as far as the County
>> would lets go on the first Phase of our permit.  The remainder of the
>> permit is forthcoming, possibly tomorrow which means we will begin
>> stacking real soon.  Feel free to pay me a visit any time just give me
> a
>> couple of days warning since I have been super busy.
>> The fires have been sad to observe,  a real tragedy!  We pray that
>> they can be extinguished soon.
>> Keep in touch.
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