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GSBN:Re: SB Straw Bale in Iraq

Most convincing to the UN might be their own SB projects in China and Mongolia, many of which were Kelly Lerner was involved in. I don't know what documentation is available, but a web search reveals the following info on Kelly:

Kelly Lerner , One World Design
Domestic and International Design and Consulting
925 Avis Drive, El Cerrito, CA 94530
510-528-3765 fax:510-528-8763


Reply to Geoff at:  permacul@...

Hi John
            I am chasing after some statistics to re-inforce the
credibility of straw bale as a building technique.  The UN maybe
interested in some big projects in Iraq 650 to 950 houses in each
village, so we are talking about jumping up a scale.  I definitely
will not be able to handle all of this, so if it happens I will be
handing most of it off to people with experience and stay involved
from a permaculture village design aspect. Unfortunately you always
have some critics to get passed (some may have investments in
cement block companys).

We have to write this in our own words but we can reference
websites but if you know or know where I might to be able to access
statistics of the numbers of SB houses have been built and where,
where they are approved, anything that gives the system
credibility, or just point us in a possible direction, it would be
a great help.

Cheers Geoff and Nadia

Derek Roff
Language Learning Center, MSC03-2100
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