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FW: GSBN:Building Size Search

Hi All,

I tried to send this last month and just found out that it didn't get
through, possibly because of the attachment. If you would like an image of
the winery email me directly and I will send you a few.

Be well,


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From: Tim Owen-Kennedy [mailto:timok@vitalsystems.net] 
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 12:56 PM
To: 'GSBN'
Subject: RE: GSBN:Building Size Search

Hi All,

I just did some recalculations on the final dimensions for the Ridge winery
, third floor was added late in construction. As John da Balehead points
out, sq feet is one of the less critical size criteria in SB so here are the
more accurate vitals.

Roof coverage (horizontal) 27,000 sq ft
Ridge height 53 ft
Exterior of ground floor enclosed with bales 16,500 sq ft
Exterior sq ft of all floors 21,500 sq ft
Interior sq ft of all floors 20,300 sq ft
Bale Wall heights range from 18ft to 24 ft (just bales)
And my favorite statistic, 2) 2.5ft x 10 ft truth windows just inside the
main doors.

Though the tasting room has been open for more than six months and there
have been barrels in the barrel room for almost a year. The final touches on
the tank room and offices will not be fully completed until January. Though
it was completed enough to handle this years crush. 

Who knows, if the church near Mexico gets on the fast track the Ridge winery
may never actual be the largest completed straw bale building. 

Also, we have done a 27' high bale stack at the peak but it was tied off to
the interior balloon framing. 

I can't remember if this list allows attachments but, if it does, attached
is the view of the SW and the tasting room entrance. Scale is deceiving as
it resembles a 200% scale California barn. The main doors are 10'+ and the
walls you can see are 18ft high Earth plaster. Also note the 50+KW of solar
on the roof.

Good to be wrapping this up and to have such a public building. It is open 7
days a week and just .5 Miles west of HWY 101 at 650 Lytton springs rd (1 hr
north of the golden gate bridge). 

Hope you are all well,


Tim Owen-Kennedy
Vital Systems
Natural Building and Design, Inc.
3212 Jefferson St #406
Napa, CA  94558

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From: GSBN [mailto:GSBN@...] On Behalf Of Joyce Coppinger
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2003 9:52 AM
Subject: GSBN:Building Size Search

Hello everyone,

We're looking for information on large straw-bale buildings used for
commercial or recreational purposes.  Here's why!  Brian Hodge in Australia
wrote to us recently as follows:  Do you have any idea as to what is the
largest building built so far in straw bale. The building we are planning
will have a main auditorium of around 64 meters square (aprox 1 acre) plus
other training rooms ammenities, offices etc. Some of the Commonwealth Games
events are being held in Bendigo at another facility and, we don't know what
our chances are, but wouldn't it be great for strawbale if we could get one
or two events in a straw bale building, as I am sure we could get media
coverage on that.

Let us hear from you and we'll pass the information along to Brian, and
expect to read more about large sb buildings as well as sb buildings used
for commercial and/or recreational purposes in future issue(s) of The Last

Thanks so much!


Joyce Coppinger
Managing Editor/TLS