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-> possible design project?
     by bainbridge bainbrid@...


Date: 25 Nov 2003 15:05:19 -0600
From: bainbridge bainbrid@...
Subject: possible design project?

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>Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 20:35:25 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Sladek L Phyllis zsladp00@...
>To: bainbridge@...
>Subject: Hi and Q's.
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>Dear David,
>  Thank you for putting so much info. on your website!  I found it via a
>prof. here at UCSB, who told me about "Village Homes."
>  My question is...I am looking for suggestions, advice and guidelines
>about the following:
>  My extended family inherited a farm in South Texas, near Brownsville,
>in an area that is rapidly converting to residential from
>agricultural.  The farm itself has one parcel already now within the city
>limits.  (Yet it is in an area where there are still much larger farms
>zoned "ag." And there are some other interesting features on the property,
>including a transitional "wetlands" area, some small amount of frontage on
>the Rio Grande, and a small area which will be on a highway due for
>expansion...a possible commercial site.)
>  I'm just beginning to learn about "sustainable" and I'm very excited
>about the field so far.  I know even less about development in
>general. (What is possible, what is feasible.  For example.) And, the
>other drawback is that I am an (older than most!) part-time student
>w. limited financial resources. (lots of ideas.) 
>  I have the opportunity to present my ideas to "the group" (the extended
>family), although  the ultimate goal of developing the entire property is
>fixed and beyond my control (In other words, keeping it as a farm is not
>an  option.  Although I am hoping I can work on a proposal for some kind
>of farm use, even - though it's a dream - something like Fairview Gardens
>--see www.fairviewgardens.org.)
>  My Q is:  if you were in my position, what would you do?  How would you
>begin?  Specifically, I am wondering, in relation to a project like
>"Village Homes" - I would like to find out what it would take to do
>something like that. 
>  The present plan (if I do nothing) of "the group" is to sell off lots
>individually over time, or to sell a bunch a once, for notes.
>(A conventional subdivision. Although the "person w. legal control" does
>have ideas about incorporating a park in it., for eg.  So I feel there is
>room for alternative suggestions. But, just to take the park for eg., She
>wants to donate it to the city, but the city typically does not want to
>fund the upkeep of parks.  Anyway...)
>  Since I began the first draft of this email, I just learned tonight
>that they are thinking of moving ahead w. subdividing a small parcel, and
>the person who has legal control said "Put in a proposal!"  I feel kind of
>frustrated about this, for reasons I might be able to explain if we could
>talk.  Would you possibly have time to speak with me on the phone?
>  My view overall is that being given the farm is a great opportunity
>for a more sustainable (community friendly) and environmentally sound
>use.  I am facing the challenge of my relatively fewer resources, my
>lack of knowledge, (and some challenges relating to communication
>w. the "group"...that I'm working on!) 
>  I appreciate any suggestions or help you might be able to offer.
>  Sincerely,
>   Phyllis Sladek		    
>(805) 964-5748
>   P.O. Box 13888
>   Santa Barbara, CA 93107

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