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GSBN:Urban sb query

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Hello All,
I just got this query from somebody doing a study on the use of
straw bales in urban contexts. I've given him leads on the Ontario
projects I've been involved with, but perhaps the rest of you can
likewise steer him in the direction of other urban sb projects.
From: Benennals@...
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 09:59:10 EST 
X-ASG-Orig-Subj:Straw bale in an urban context 
Subject: Straw bale in an urban context 
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<font face="Arial" size="-1">Dear Editor,</font>
<font face="Arial"
>           <span
></span>       I am doing a study into
the potential of straw bale as a construction material in medium/high
density urban developments. Do you know of any straw bale buildings
built in cities? I have found out about three storey load bearing
structures in adelade, Australia, although cannot find any technical
info on them. If you know of any existing urban projects, involving
straw buildings of three or more storeys or terraced housing for
example, I would be very grateful.  Yours Sincerly, Ben

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