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Re: GSBN:TLS looking for straw bale "follow-up"

Since TLS is a partner in the Registry, and since one purpose of the Registry is for researching/disseminating info on the performance etc of existing buildings, I see no reason why you shouldn't contact some of the registered homes.

Shoot me the specs of a qualifying building (ie, "4+ years old, load bearing, clay plaster, north america" yadda yadda) and I'll extract the candidates who are open to such contact.

At 12:36 PM -0500 12/15/03, Chris Magwood wrote:
Hello All!

Our next issue of TLS is themed "Living With Straw." Joyce and I agreed that TLS spends most of its time looking at preconstruction and construction aspects of straw bale, but rarely do we ever follow up with home owners to find out about issues that have arisen since moving in. These issues include maintenance, decoration/finishing, working out the kinks in mechanical systems, composing lists of "should-haves" in regard to design and construction, and even dealing with curious onlookers and info-seekers.

It would be great if any of you could put us in touch with the people you know who have been living in bale houses for a while, and who might be interested in sharing some of their experiences. I have written a series of questions which could be emailed or mailed to them, and will be compiling the answers into an article or series of articles for the issue.

Please send contact names and info to me at TLSEditor@...

Bill Christensen

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