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GSBN:Natural Building Products Section of TLS

Apologies for cross posting! We ask that you pass this email along to anyone
who may have product information to share.

We are working on the Natural Building Products section of The Last Straw's
annual resource guide, due out in the Fall of 2004. We'd like to update
previous listings and add a wide variety of products used on all types of
strawbale and natural building projects.

We would like to hear from owner/builders, architects and engineers,
contractors and builders, suppliers and others about the best products they
have used in their strawbale and natural building projects. The products can
be wide ranging - for example: Roberts pins, bamboo and bamboo pins, clay
stucco, paint, netting, bale needles, strapping, twine, bale saws, stucco
pumps/sprayers, lime plaster, tarps, and others, or any other products
related to natural building (cob, straw-clay, rammed earth, etc.), too. The
kind of information we're looking for is:

Product type
Product name
Manufacturer or Supplier including full contact information (name, address,
telephone, fax, email, web site)
Brief description of the product's use
Brief statement as to why this product is beneficial to a sb or natural
building project

We're looking for quality and highly recommended products and suppliers! We
may have to limit the listings because of space or other considerations, so
all products suggested may not appear in this year's resource guide.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact Joyce at
thelaststraw@... or 402.483.5135.

Thanks for your help!

Joyce Coppinger
Managing Editor, The Last Straw Journal/TLS
The Green Prairie Foundation for Sustainability (publisher)
PO Box 22706, Lincoln, Nebraska USA 68542-2706

The 2003 Resource Guide is now available for single copy or bulk order
purchases. Please contact Joyce at 402.483.5135 or
thelaststraw@... for pricing and more information.

And, you can help promote The Last Straw by distributing the TLS flyer.
Copies in quantities of 25, 50, 100 or more are available at no charge - we
even pay the postage or shipping charges to send them to you.