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GSBN:TLS #46, We Build It This Way

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Hello All!
TLS #45, with the theme<i> Living With Straw</i>, is now in final
preparations for going to press. Thanks to all whose contributions
made #45 such an interesting issue!
The next issue of TLS is themed<i> We Build It This Way</i>, and
it will focus on key construction elements as designed and built by a
variety of experienced folks.
In particular, I would like to publish drawings and explanations
1) your favourite top plate/RBA construction
2) your favourite window and door buck construction
3) your favourite toe-up/bale curb construction
4) your favourite way of integrating post-and-beam
I'm hoping to be able to present multiple "takes" on
each of these four critical elements. I would like to use good
detailed drawings and/or photos of the constructions, and brief
explanations of why you like to do it this way, what works well in
this particular design, and what might be the drawbacks (honestly!). I
would like readers to be able to look at a variety of approaches in
the same issue and read about the plusses and minuses and then decide
what might work best for their scenario. The deadline for these is
April 15th.
I would also like to re-open a version of the old Baley Pulpit, a
Room for Rant, so that all of you who spend all your time thinking
about buildings, sustainability and better ways of doing things can
let loose a verbal tirade that we can share with our readers. This
Room for Rant doesn't have to tie in to the issue theme in any way, it
just needs to be a personal take on the world in general, or any small
slice thereof! So many of you make me laugh and think (sometimes
simultaneously!) in your email correspondence, it seems a pity not to
share it with the straw bale world at large!
And, as always, we welcome your articles, project reports,
Regional Rumblings, letters and other tidbits of interest. I really do
rely a lot on your tips, advice, complaints and love letters to keep
TLS moving in a good direction, so don't be shy to let me have
Chris Magwood

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