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RE: GSBN:Help SB in Japan

I just received the email below from Dave Bainbridge, so I gave him a
call to talk with him about it a bit. I seem to have neglected to ask
your name.
If you would like to have a dialogue about building with bales, I would
be more than happy to do so. I don't however know much about your
country except that you probably have pretty similar structural issues,
as we do her in CA, as I am sure you remember.
Dave did make a suggestion that I wholly concur with and that is that
your might benefit considerably with going down and spending some time
with John, the Straw Wolf in Australia.
John Gladsforth (huffnpuff@shoal.net.au)
 I look forward to hearing from you, 

Bob Bolles
Sustainable Building Systems
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A former student is interested in working with sb in Japan. She lives 
in Yokohama.

Any suggestions - hikarism@...

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