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GSBN:Sv: Werner Schmidt

Hi Rene et al.

I would like to use your email to clearify my thoughts on forums and evenings.
I furthermore send this email to the organizer-group of the ISBBC 04, as well as to the GSBN.
I do this as I would like as many SB-persons as possible to be in on creating the best possible conference, and I think this issue is a crucial one.

My experience from conferences and gatherings is, that it invariably always is hard to find time in the programme for people to interact themselves. I would like to consciously facilitate those creative spaces where the things noone thought of happens.
This is why I have put in tuesday and thursday evenings as free roaming spaces.

Furthermore I expect the particpants to represent a very broad array of strawbuilding enthusiasts, thus making it very difficult to please everyone with one meal only. (And I do not want to decide which is the right one to choose either). Furthermore I think there are so many imprtant and very different agenda's to work on, that the optimal will be to get as many people involved working on agendas as possible.
This is why the afternoons function as "pick your own" forum.

It is my intention to keep updating the programme on the webpage, so that the forums kan keep evolving as we approach the conference. This way hopefully we - the core organizers - will be able to function merely as facilitators, getting the people focusing on the same agendas to collaborate. These people can then use the ISBBC homepage to let everyone else know what they are working on/preparing (we will act as "censors", making sure everything is going to function in reality in regard to time, space, needed equipment etc).

The homepage is to be found on www.thelaststraw.org

Best regards
Lars Keller


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