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GSBN:Fwd: Ecological Remodeling projects??

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<font size=3>Dear Friends -- I am forwarding on the email request below
from my good friend and a very creative architect Kelly Lerner, who some
of you will know as the architect/technical advisor of the successful
strawbale project in China, among other accomplishments.  She is
beginning a book project on eco-renovation, and is looking for more home
projects to feature.  She and her co-author are well respected
professionals of integrity. 
I hope you will find this of interest..... 
best regards, 
Catherine Wanek 
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>From: Kelly Lerner
Subject: Examples of Ecological Remodeling projects?? 
Hi Friends, 
I'm taking a close look at ecological home remodeling as a sustainable
strategy, and I'm looking for some good examples of residential remodels
in a wide range of climates and contexts. The remodels can be small and
include minor changes (like adding a shading device or an outdoor room)
or full blown major remodels. 
What I most want is examples that respond well to site and climate--for
example, adding glazing, mass, and shading for passive solar heating;
improving daylighting and/or natural ventilation; landscaping for natural
climate, control choosing materials and comfort systems that are
appropriate to the climate zone; adding indoor/outdoor living spaces;
using local, recycled, or otherwise sustainable materials; a rainwater
catchment retrofit; and so on. 
If you have or know of a project anywhere in the US, Canada, or Europe
that sounds appropriate, please send me a brief description including
extent of remodeling, location, eco-groovy features, contact information,
and whether you have photos available (and in what format). Thanks! 
Kelly Lerner, Architect 
One World Design 
<a href="http://www.one-world-design.com/"; eudora="autourl">http://www.one-world-design.com</a> 
509-838-8812 </font></blockquote></html>