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GSBN: Digest for 3/11/04

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-> Fwd: Pictures for an important presentation
     by Rene Dalmeijer rened@...


Date: 11 Mar 2004 15:23:00 -0600
From: Rene Dalmeijer rened@...
Subject: Fwd: Pictures for an important presentation

I would like to on behalf of an Indian researcher ask the following.

Deepa Nair is going to present a paper at the a conference in Delhi on the 
15th of this month. In her presentation she is going to present SB as a 
possible technology for building ecologically sound shelters. the schedule 
and other details for the conference are available on http://devalt.org

I have been supporting her on various matters since early summer last year 
but would like to ask your help in this. I must stress due to my 
involvement I have been highly impressed with the results already achieved 
in India in creating affordable and ecologically sound shelters these many 
earnest and effective programs have already been executed creating millions 
of simple houses for the very poorest. The conference reflects the level. 
Until so far SB has not been promoted very strongly but it is a serious 
option. Deepa has a 15 minute time slot for her presentation so her whole 
presentation is only going to be 15 slides of which 3 will be specifically 
focussed on SB. No increasing the SB portion is not an option the other 
components of the presentation are just as relevant and important. I can 
vouch for that.

I have suggested the following:

A The first slide showing the range of possible buildings. Very fancy and 
old The Burrit mansion of 1938, A modern mansion Ouwerkerk, a shelter 
China, Mongolia, Mexico you chose which would be the best I want to use 
these four pictures to show the range and to localize it one of the few 
Indian SB houses. I have a relatively suitable picture for this too. I need 
a suitable picture for the third ie either China, Mongolia or Mexico what 
this picture should illustrate is that a shelter building can look very 
attractive and it should also show some people stressing the communal aspect.

The second slide iluustrates and shows the reasons to choose SB. I already 
have a slide I use in my own introductory SB presentation I use regualrly 
but not good supporting pictures. I need something maybe a picture of an 
open cut mine to illustrate depleting resources. And a nice picture of 
small rural surrounding not too romantic it must look modern. Preferably 
with a wheat rice field in the background.

The last is the building process Foundation, stacking, roof, plastering ie 
4 pictures.
This is my most specific need I have to fulfill I have to ask your help on 
this because I don't have a good sequence on one building. Preferably a 
building like one of the Casas que Cantan project would be best because of 
the obvious simplicity. I would also like to show men and women working 
together but preferably not too many children it must not look like a party.

If you could help please mail me what you propose to send, it should be 
good enough for a presentation but not very big max 240x300. If it is 
slightly bigger ok I will manage it myself. If you have other ideas for the 
slides I am all ears and eyes for even better.

Rene Dalmeijer
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