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Re: GSBN:The Unofficial Hot-Topic of Straw Bale Building anno 2004 ?!? / ISBBC 2004.

G 'day Lars

1.  My hot topic is and always will be size and sustainability.

Why use timber or steel for a frame when the bales have proven time and time again that they are quite capable of load bearing roofs? Why do we in the developed world want such large homes? It is simply not on anymore but still we get plans over our desk of very large straw bale homes mainly from Architects.

The use of load bearing jumbo bales could help some of these people, as we have done. However the foot print for a jumbo bale building is still as big as a large straw bale in-fill SB building. Therefore unsustainable.

2. Second hot topic is when will straw bale buildings become accepted by main stream builders? How is this going to happen? What has to be changed for main stream builders to take on straw bale building full time? Is it a government driven thing? Should there be legislation to make architects, owners and builders to use sustainable design and materials in their building?

It is all very well and encouraging for the grass roots builders and 99.999% of these are owner builders to build in straw but if we are fair dinkum about the environment it is our duty to make governments and architects and planners aware of what their decision in their choice of material has on the built environment.

Still trying to get to ISBBC 2004 but it is a long shot now as both Susan and I will be going to South Africa for Mama Amelia, which is my top priority for 2004/5.

Hope you enjoyed Adelaide.

Salaams John.