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RE: GSBN:The Unofficial Hot-Topic of Straw Bale Building anno 2004 ?!? / ISBBC 2004.


I would have to agree (partially) with John on this one.  The big house
issue, I think, is a mute point.  This will take a much larger social
conscience shift - one way out of our control.  However, his points made
about main-stream builder are deeply felt.  I don't think it will take
legislation, but a thorough education for these builders before they
risk large dollars on projects.  Simple as that!  Who is going to do it?

One of my "hot topics" is dealing with SB in the mainstream.  In fact, I
think the movement towards earth plasters has slowed acceptance because
now mostly what new SB builders read is that cement plaster is BAD, but
they have little or no resources available in this regard.  Know anyone
in Limon, Colorado who does earthen plaster that is inexpensive?!  I
know the implications of using a cement-based plaster system, and
believe there are better and worse projects on which to use it.  The
same goes for earth plaster, lime, wood frames, steel frames, roof
systems, foundations, etc.  I would like to see a balanced discussion of
ALL the alternatives - not just earth, and that anything else is less
superior.  The fact of the matter is, approval agencies are familiar
with cement-based products, and we would see MUCH less SB building
activity if it were not acceptable.

Even though this may sound anti-earth, I am presently working on earthen
plaster projects.  I think it is superior with the exception of strength
and maintenance, but how do we educate and offer it as an option to even
more people?  Only time will tell, I guess.

Jeff Ruppert, P.E.

Odisea  LLC
Structural/Civil Engineering, Straw Bale Consulting, Construction
2241 17th St.
Boulder, COÊ 80302
303.443.4335 o
303.443.4355 f
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> Dear GSBN-reader:
> I would like your thoughts regarding a potential forum at the upcoming
> ISBBC in Denmark this June.
> It has been pointed out from several persons that at conferences there
> often seems to be one or two issues puzzling the subconscious mind of
> all.
> At earlier conferences we have sensed issues such as "wall foot
> "earth render", "size (small)", "prefered wall
> structure (mainstream versus eco)".
> So: what is today's hot issue in your neck of the woods ?
> Kind regards
> ISBBC / Lars Keller
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