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GSBN:Publicity Package for the ISBBC 04 [GSBN]


We hope that you're able to take on promoting the ISBBC 04 within your country/region/networks.
If you can, then please let us know what region you take on.
If it is not possible, please let us know who you think will be the best to stand in your place.

The theme for this year's conference is "Education - the next generation". 

In this publicity package you will find: 
á A description of the ISBBC programme
á Information about registration
á A description of the conference and workshop locations: Kal¿ and Friland
á An advertisement looking for building sites for the Summer of Building

Feel free to distribute this information through emails, as printed newsletters/posters or in any other way you can think of.

Here are some suggestions for where to advertise:
á Owner builder groups
á Straw Bale and other natural building networks
á Architecture departments of Universities
á Permaculture and organic gardening networks
á Technical Colleges for carpenters and other building trades
á Magazines
á Any courses that are being run - related to building or permaculture

If you feel that something is missing from this package, please email us. 

People who are interested in the ISBBC can be referred to The Last Straw's website is being updated regularly (www.thelaststraw.org). 

We send out frequent updates to anyone on our mailing list (to sign up, go to www.thelaststraw.org or email: isbbc@thelaststraw.org).

Thankyou for your help with promoting the conference. 

Lars, Thomas and Jo for the ISBBC organising collective.
Email contact: isbbc@...



ISBBC 04 - Education - The next generation.

á June 07 - 13: Tour Convoys
á June 13 - 19: International Straw Bale Building Conference
á June 20 and onwards: Summer of Building

The ISBBC 2004 in Friland, Denmark, is for people who are in any way involved (or want to be involved) in strawbale construction & natural building. It is an opportunity to renew connections and to create new networks, to exchange information and to celebrate ! 

The conference will feature a variety of workshops going beyond strawbale building. 

Via facilitated forums on issues such as "education in building", "women and building", and "The socio-economic impacts of lowcost living" we hope to bring in fresh energy and new ideas to the strawbale world.

The spirit of the whole ISBBC is to encourage, educate and inspire the next generation of builders.

Conference locations:

This is the workshop location during the conference. Friland is an intentional community in the village of Feldballe ("field bale") approximately 35km northeast of ?rhus. Friland is a showcase of different strawbale building techniques and the use of clay plasters, mussel shells, and a variety of renewable energy techniques. For more info visit www.dr.dk/friland/index_english.htm (English)

Kal¿ Skolerne
This is where accommodation, most meals, afternoon forums as well as the evening programme will take place. Kal¿ Skolerne are a fusion of two schools: an organic farming school and a language folkhighschool. It is located one km away from R¿nde, overlooking the beautiful Kal¿ Bay and the Kal¿ Castle ruins, and is 7 km from Friland. For more info visit www.kalo.dk (English) 

The ISBBC 2004 is being organised by members of:
Straw Bale Builders World Wide UnLtd
the European Strawbale Building Network (ESBN)
the Danish Clay & Straw Building Network
and Friland


International Straw Bale Building Conference 2004, Friland, Denmark
Education - the next generation 
June 13 - 19

The overall aim of the conference is to strengthen the community, to promote natural building, and to facilitate a new generation of builders.

Aim to cover different aspects of building an energy-efficient, comfortable and beautiful straw-bale building.

Between breakfast and lunch, located at Friland.
The workshops will be designed according to the experience level of the participants, with the possibility of more than one workshop on a given topic.

Workshop list (as of March)
Pre-fab walls 
Strawbale wall raising
Compressed Earth Bricks - wall building 

Lime plastering - (yet to be confirmed) 
The Danish heavy duty clay sprayers 
Hand plastering & finishes  

Seaweed roofing 
Shingles  (yet to be confirmed) 

Mass oven building 
Solar heaters - self-builder workshop 

Food storage - building of an all winter food storage (yet to be confirmed) 
Permaculture design as an aid in house design (confirmed)
Children only workshop - (confirmed)

Aim to develop, strengthen and guide the current direction of the strawbale world.

Between lunch and dinner, located at Kal¿ Skolerne.
Each forum will have an appointed facilitator and a rapporteur.
The facilitator will have personal topic-experience, and will guide and inspire.
The rapporteur will write a summary to be included in the post-conference cdROM.

By having several forums it is our intention to break down the amount of participants in each forum to such a small number that the forums will be participatory instead of one-way-talks.

Forum list (as of March)

Being an apprentice strawbale builder
How to run workshops / The learning process (under construction) 
Participatory design process (under development) 
Networks - how to start them and how to keep them going - (yet to be confirmed) 
The socio-economic impacts of lowcost living
Acoustics of straw bale constructions
TLS - where itÇs going and where it could go 
Women and building 

After dinner at Kal¿ Skolerne

Sunday 13th - Opening reception (light refreshments, but there is no dinner on Sunday 13th)

Monday 14th - Opening key-note speak - the grand overview of education within Natural Building - (not yet confirmed)

Tuesday 15th - "free roaming evening 1"
There is no common agenda for this evening. We are offering the following.
- Introduction of the Job Centre - this is where you book in on different building projects for the Summer of Building
- To help initiate new national networks experienced facilitators will be ready to pass on experience
- ...

Wednesday 16th - The party evening

Thursday 17th - "free roaming evening 2"
There is no common agenda for this evening. We are offering the following.
- the Job Centre is open
- network building can continue 
- ...

Friday 18th - Closing key-note speak - the future - (confirmed) 

Saturday 19th - People will be leaving by late afternoon. No evening planned this far.

If enough people with young children are coming, we will do all we can to create a space for them, a workshop, and facilitate a way that parents can share childcare responsibilities.

Come early to the ISBBC and help prepare workshops, set up the conference infrastructure etc ! Guaranteed swimming and cakes at the lake.
For more details please email us, limited spaces.

June 7 - 12: Tour Convoys

The Conference commences with two house-tour convoys which will collect participants from different countries (including England, France, Germany and Austria), and tour around Europe for one week. The convoy will make stops at buildings and educational institutions along the way.

You can join the convoys by riding the bus or driving your own car. The routes of the convoys are still under development. At the moment one starts in Eire and one in Norway. Both end at Friland. More details later.

June 20 and onward
To honor and strengthen the theme of the conference, we are organizing a "Summer of Building", with the aim of offering many young people a high-quality learning experience in different natural building methods.

The Summer of Building is an opportunity for young people to gain more experience in straw-bale building. During the conference, participants will have access to an 'Job Centre' covering a number of natural building sites to happen from June 2004 onward. A scheme (Hands for Knowledge) is set up to facilitate the exchange of time for experience, so you can choose from a variety of building projects that you«d like to work on during the summer.


Friland will be participating in the Summer of Building. The most obvious project will be to finish off anything left incomplete from the workshops. On top of that there will be several houses at different stages of construction to be working on. 

Participating in the Summer of Building
If you don't think that you can make it to the ISBBC, but you'd still like to do the Summer of Building, stay tuned in on the website for further developments. Our aim is for this project to continue beyond the summer of 2004.

REGISTRATION for the conference

Registration Fee
The ISBBC is at the moment being organized without any funding, based purely on volunteer work. Furthermore there is no organization to cover any debt. As we are still at a relatively early stage - we do for example not know how many participants will attend the gathering - we do have to be relatively conservative regarding the registration fee.
If at some point we will receive funding, this will be used to make the ISBBC more readily available for people from regions that are generally considered poor in economic terms.
We encourage you to research individual funding and sponsorship in your own region. If you find information of potential use for other participants we can make this available on the website under registration.

The registration fee ranges between 350 & 500 Euro, depending on your choice of accommodation. The registration fee covers: 
Accommodation sunday 13th to friday 18th inclusive
Meals from breakfast monday 14th to lunch saturday 19th inclusive
Transport between Kal¿ Skolerne and Friland
Morning workshops, afternoon forums, evenings, the mid-week party, the "Job Centre", the conference book & the post-conference cd-ROM.
The fee is still subject to changes.

Registration Form 
Registration can only be done via the ISBBC 04 registration form on www.thelaststraw.org
We aim at having the form up and running by March 25th.



International Strawbale and Natural Building Conference
Denmark, June 2004
"Education - The Next Generation"

To honor and strengthen the theme of the conference, we are organizing a 'Summer of Building-04', with the aim of offering many young people a high-quality learning experience in different natural building methods.  

Are you interested in teaching someone how to build?

The Summer of Building will be run according to the 'Hands for Knowledge' concept where a fair day's work is exchanged for teaching, food and accommodation. 

If you are undertaking, or involved in a building project from the 20th of June ( in the northern or southern hemispheres) and are interested in teaching skills to some enthusiastic students, then please include yourself in our register, even if you're not sure of the details yet.

Country and nearest city 
Language/s spoken 
Dates of project 
Brief explanation of building project 
Any specific skills that could be taught 
Do you think you will be coming to ISBBC 04? 

Please send to: Hands For Knowledge, Friland 12B, 8410 R¿nde, Denmark.
Or email to: isbbc@...include a return address.
Or fill in form found via www.thelaststraw.org

We will then contact you with further details about Hands for Knowledge and the Summer of Building.