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GSBN: Digest for 4/4/04

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-> Japanese Clay and Lime Plaster - Course Announcement
     by Athena & Bill Steen absteen@...


Date: 4 Apr 2004 10:58:11 -0600
From: Athena & Bill Steen absteen@...
Subject: Japanese Clay and Lime Plaster - Course Announcement

For some time, we've had ongoing contact and exchanges with several 
Japanese plasterers.  I can say that they've had a very strong 
influence on our work.  Anyhow, the short of it is that we've made 
arrangements for one of them to come over this summer and spend some 
time with us.  Consequently we've put together a weekend course for 
anyone who might be interested in experiencing their work first hand.

The basic details I've provided below.  A number of photos can be found 
along with the workshop listing on our website: www.caneloproject.com  
Let me know if you're interested as we've had a lot of interest and I 
suspect it will fill up fast.

Athena & Bill Steen
The Canelo Project
HC1 Box 324
Canelo/Elgin, AZ 85611

Traditional Japanese Clay and Lime Plasters and Floors
Taught by Japanese Plaster Craftsman Syuhei Hasado

July 3 & 4 =96 2004
Canelo, Arizona
Cost - $225
This workshop is a rare opportunity to learn the basic techniques of 
the beautiful traditional Japanese plasters and floors that are based 
upon the use of clay, lime and other natural materials.=A0The work that 
the Japanese do with clay and lime is every bit as exquisite as what 
they do with wood.=A0We are personally very excited about this event in 
that it has taken us a number of years to put it together.=A0The workshop 
will also focus on the use of the many specialized Japanese trowels and 
other plastering tools. We are very fortunate to have with us Syuhei 
Hasado who is considered to be one of the finest clay and lime 
craftsmen in Japan.=A0He is known for his expertise with traditional 
Japanese finishes as well as his modern and innovative interpretation 
of those traditions.

This weekend workshop will focus on the following methods:

Clay Plaster =93Tsuchikabe=94- clay, sand, rice straw, seaweed paste
Lime Plaster =93Shikui=94- lime, seaweed paste, hemp fiber
Clay & Lime Floors=A0=93Tataki=94=A0- clay, lime, sand, gravel, 
nigari(magnesium chloride)
The Use of Japanese Japanese Plastering Tools

Syuhei Hasadois from the traditional city of Takayama in the northwest 
of Japan. This beautiful city is surrounded by mountains that are rich 
with a multitude ofmagnificent clays of many colors that provide him a 
rich pallet of natural materials.=A0He comes from a family of plasterers 
and has won national plaster competitions in Japan. He runs his own 
plaster company in Japan that specializes in clay and lime finishes.=A0




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