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GSBN: Digest for 4/9/04

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-> Natural Building Colloquium - East
     by Mark Piepkorn duckchow@...


Date: 9 Apr 2004 06:55:19 -0600
From: Mark Piepkorn duckchow@...
Subject: Natural Building Colloquium - East

The 2004 Natural Building Colloquium-East happens June 26-July 3. It's 
being facilitated by Gaiatecture Design, and hosted by the PeaceWeavers at 
their Thunder Mountain Wellness Center in Bath, New York, in the beautiful 
Finger Lakes region.

The colloquium will be a week full of teaching, building, and networking 
among professionals and neophytes in the fields of natural building, 
permaculture, renewable energy and sustainable technology. More information 
about the event from the organizers: 
http://www.gaiatecture.com/workshops/nbce04.html .

A wide range of natural building materials and techniques, including 
strawbale, straw-clay, cob, organic & traditional timberframing, cordwood, 
earthbags, earthen and lime plasters, living roofs, and even monolithic 
stone circles will be covered. Additional topics include building codes, 
design issues, healthy homes, permaculture, photovoltaic and wind energy 
systems, composting toilets, graywater, rainwater catchment, and more.

If you have questions about the event please contact Mary Golden at 
gaiatecture@...; for questions about registration please contact 
the PeaceWeavers at pw@...

Feel free to forward this information to appropriate individuals, email 
lists, publications, and web calendars.

There's been several of these things in the southwest and west, but there's 
only been one held on the east coast previously, back in '98. It sold out, 
and it looks like this one's going to as well. The cost includes all meals 
and camping, and works out to less than $20 per presenter, including many 
legends of natural building.

Some of the presenters include:

David Eisenberg and Tony Novelli of the Development Center for Appropriate 

Johnny Weiss of Solar Energy International

Dan Chiras of Sustainable Systems Design, Inc.

Paul Lacinski of Green Space Collaborative

Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley of Cob Cottage Company

Clark Sanders of Just Another Way Builders

Ben Graham and Amber Wiggett of Spiralworks

Mark Hoberecht and Chris Fox of Harvestbuild Associates, Inc.

Doni Kiffmeyer and Kaki Hunter of OKOKOK Productions.

Jim Juczak, cordwood owner-builder

Rob and Jaki Roy of Earthwood Building School

Josh Jackson of Humble Abode Design/Build

Frank Meyer of Thangmaker Construction

Catherine Wanek and Pete Fust of Black Range Lodge

Sun Ray Kelly of the School of Natural Living

Phil Hawes of Ecological Systems Design

Darren Port of the New Jersey Green Homes Office

What's a Natural Building Colloquium?
"The term 'colloquium' connotes a conversation among equals rather than a 
lecture by experts, and this format was a key to the success of the event; 
it fostered a spirit of communal endeavor and collective problem solving 
that dissolved the traditional boundaries between architect and builder, 
professional and novice."

Photos from other, similar events. (These are multi-page photo-essays; 
follow the links at the bottom of the respective pages.)


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