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GSBN:Tech points re: tests

Hello All,

I'm working with Erwin Schwarzmuller in Austria on a TLS article
about the series of tests that have recently been performed on bale
walls in Austria. It is an excellent article, especially considering
the language barrier we're working with.

There are a couple of technical points that I don't understand, and
it's difficult for Erwin to translate this technical stuff for me.
I'm wondering if any of you tech-types out there could help me figure
my way through one particularly tricky section, so I can put it in
language that most TLS readers (and myself!) can understand.

The following is the tricky section:

"Thermal conductivity was measured between Lambda (I havenot found
the greek symbol in the mail editor) 0,0395- 0,041W/mK and from that
resulted a Lambda D (23/50) = 0,046 W/mK (building practical
calculation value for 23#161#C and 50% constant air humidity). "

I am hoping that somebody can translate this one for me, perhaps into
values that will be comparable to other tests.




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