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Re: GSBN:Welcome Chris

Thanks Rene
I caught up with Michel Post last week. Michel and Patricia stayed with us
for a couple of days on there way from the Netherlands to the Great Barrier
Reef. (Door always open - we live half an hour south of Brisbane and half
and hour north of the Gold Coast a foothill suburb called Wolffdene - don't
bother about looking on the maps, it's smaller than Ganmain).
Looks like you are doing some amazing things in the Netherlands. Regretfully
we want be able to make it to the ISBBC but are looking forward to hearing
of the release on CD or DVD.
Can I send a poster of Straw Bale in Queensland to be put up on a wall
Regards Chris

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> Chris,
> Welcome to GSBN. It was a shock to see you were not on GSBN. Now that this
> omission has been rectified I would like to introduce Chris. I can assure
> all others who don't know Chris. she is the one holding the SB/sustainable
> building flag very high down under specifically in Queensland but her
> enthusiasm spreads further reaching even as far as the Netherlands.
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> >Hey Folks,
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> >Chris Newton of Brisbane (I think...), AU has recently joined GSBN.
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> ><http://www.newtonhouse.info>
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