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GSBN:Sustainable Building Design & Construction Curriculum

Hello All,

I'm writing to you because I have just finished the lengthy (and sometimes frustrating!) process of writing a draft curriculum for a college-level program on sustainable building design and construction, tentatively and creatively called "Sustainable Building Design and Construction." It is an intensive, 20-week, certificate-level program to be offered at Sir Sandford Fleming College here in Ontario. A few folks at the college have really stuck their necks out and supported the development of this course, and now we have to go face the bigwigs at the Ministry of Education who will decide whether or not such a program should be offered and funded.

A part of our submission to the Ministry includes letters of support from "the industry." If any of you "industry types" (ie, anybody who's ever made a buck at this stuff!) would be interested in reading the draft curriculum outline and, if it seems worthy of support, write a letter, I'd be glad to forward you the document for your viewing pleasure. I'm putting it out to the GSBN because there's nothing that impresses Canadians more than having people from bigger and better countries endorse something that might just happen here in our own colony.

A good chunk of the document is language that the province requires in all program submissions, so if you skip through the boring stuff and check out the actual content, it's a pretty quick read.

We're on a bit of tight deadline, as our meeting with the provincial officials is next week. Letters would have to be received (via email is fine, emailed PDFs on letterhead are even better) by May 17th at the latest. I know that's short notice at a busy time of the year, but if even a couple GSBNers had the time, it would sure be great to have your support.

Please respond directly to me at cmagwood@... if you'd like me to send the document your way.

Pillaging and plundering of the curriculum for your own purposes is entirely okay with me.




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