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Re: GSBN:Finding Outlets

At 6:48 PM -0600 5/11/04, Jeff Ruppert wrote:
So here is a more practical question.  Anyone have an efficient way of
finding buried electrical outlets (post-plaster)?  I know this seems
basic, but we lose one every other project or so.  Thought I would
lighten things up!  Any tricks to share?

The telephone industry has locating equipment for this kind of thing - it's really useful when you're working through a mass of tangled wires trying to find one pair, or for tracing where a particular pair goes. You put a tone generator on the other end (with electrical, you'd have to turn the power off first) and then use a second device to locate.

The set costs about US$100

There's also a similar device that is used for determining which breaker a particular outlet is on. Perhaps you can use them in the other direction too.

Of course, the other suggestions on how to keep from losing them in the first place should be the first line of defense.

Bill Christensen
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