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Re: GSBN:bugs in bales

No stories for you at this time about bugs, unless you haven't heard the one
about the moth larvae that was dormant in the bales and hatched in a woman's
house after the house was built and the conditions were right for the moth
larvae to hatch. They subsequently disappeared or were drive out of the
home, or so I heard.

You probably have sent some preliminary information about the testing EBN
has done to Chris Magwood. Would you please share with me any preliminary
information you can...just like to keep in the loop. Thanks!


on 7.16.2004 2:10 PM, Bruce King at ecobruce@...:

> Howdy, baleworld -
> The EBNet test program is done, and we are now in the process of turning our
> findings into a book.
> Along with Moisture, Fire, Structure, and Thermal chapters, it seems like a
> good idea to have a chapter, however brief, about bugs and other unwanted
> invaders.  To my knowledge there has been no formal testing or research, but
> there does exist a modest bounty of anecdotal knowledge, which I am now
> compiling and digesting.
> So far I have scrutinized various emails saved over the years (from Matts,
> Bill Steen, Andre de Bouter, Catherine Wanek, and others, and reviewed old
> issues of TLS (especially #31).
> Do any of you have useful or important stories or connections that you'd be
> willing to pass along?  I would be very grateful, and, not expecting a lot
> of responses, suggest you reply to GSBN as I'm sure others would want to
> hear as well.
> Finally, if anyone doesn't want to be quoted for some reason, let me know.
> I'll be happy to let any & all see a draft when it's done.
> Many thanks to all,
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