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GSBN:Bugs in sb in Northern Arizona...

Hi all,

Interesting timing for this inquiry that came today, since Bruce was just 
asking for instances and experiences with bugs. If anyone has any 
suggestions for Ed, I'll be glad to pass them along to him.


Warmest regards, 

David Eisenberg

From:   solarbale@...(Ed Dunn)
To: Strawnet@...

I have a question for you, and if you don't know the answer, could you 
forward the message to others?

I have a house that was finished one year ago.  Stucco was completed 
about Jan, 2003.  The client has had a problem with a bug infestation.  
They have tried different conventional pest control techniques but to 
no avail.  I seems that the bugs (Larger Pale Booklouse; Troglum 
puisotorium [or puisatorium]) accumulate (dead) near the base board 
where pesticide has been sprayed.
The walls are well sealed at joints and transistions to ceilings, 
walls, windows and doors, and have been painted with three coats of 
latex paint.  It is obvious to me that they are living in the straw 
bale walls.  The description of this insect states that it "lives and 
feeds on seed borne fungi and grain dust."   "Can be found in large 
numbers in aging bulk storage."  I have suggested to him to super heat 
the house to dry the walls out but right now we are in the middle of 
the monsoon season and the humidity is currently 46%.  We may be more 
likely to pull moisture in than drive it out.
Pyrethrum is another thought.  We could drill holes in the interior 
stucco and spray it in but I don't know if it should be in liquid or 
powder form.  I don't even know if it kills them.  Also I wonder what 
the hole spacing should be.
Any thoughts on buggy straw bale walls?  This is the first time I have 
heard of this.

I have been quite busy, I have finished two places, am almost finished 
with a greenhouse/barn and we are in the middle of doing some earth and 
lime plasters on another on.  We are getting ready to start Star School 
using the panelized straw bale system developed by Chris Magwood.



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