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Re: GSBN:new members


I will second Catherines request.

See cc for email addresses. I don't have them for Rolf and Arild.

Besides this we had a forum session on codes and testing (ETA) at the ISBBC 2004 in Friland. One of the decisions made is that we would hold our further discussions via GSBN. To me this seems an obvious channel for discussions on these topics so instead of creating a new group we chose GSBN I hope you agree. I don't expect it will be a very lively discussion group but what comes up will be of interest I think to everyone on GSBN.

Besides the above basically what we talked about is the following:
Dirk will introduce his idea on ETA later in one of his posts. Which is to go for Testing at a European level instead of each country doing their own SB tests. Mark promised to post asap a list of all testing and codes he is aware of to which we will add tests that he might have missed. Hopefully the material will also be made available to the EBN.

During the session we created a list of participants. It could be that we missed a few like Rolf and Arild because they were not present during the forum. I am checking the email addresses with a separate email and once they have been confirmed I will forward these to GSBN.

Currently this list is:
Dirk Scharmer Germany
Werner Schmidt Switserland
Herwig Van Zoom Belgium
Bj?rn Kierulf Slovakia
Maren Termens Spain
David Eyer Czech
Pontus Dowchan Sweden
Attila M?sz?ros Hungary
John Zhang Australia
Kuba Wihan Czech
Mark Bigland-Pritchard UK/WISE
Rudi Schroedl Germany
Tom Rijven France
Frank Thomas Australia
Samuel Courgey France

At 11:09 AM 7/20/04, you wrote:
can you check if Dirk Scharmer (Germany), Werner Schmidt (Switzerland), Herwig van Soom (Belgium) or both Rolf Jacobson & Arild Berg (Norway) are on the list?

Rene Dalmeijer