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Re: GSBN:new members

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At 10:23 PM 7/19/04 -0700, you wrote: 
<blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>--Thanks for sharing.&amp;nbsp; Are u
working to include Az. to 
have their own s/b Association or to be inc. in one?  
wondering, Joy&amp;nbsp; Seems they should have one????? 
Hi Joy-- 
Yes, the&amp;nbsp; Straw Bale Construction Association (headquartered in New
Mexico) has been discussing connecting with Arizona to expand perhaps to
a southwest regional network.&amp;nbsp; We plan to put on a symposium in the
next few months to launch this effort.&amp;nbsp; We may try to get a speaker
from CASBA to come.&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp; More details will follow.....  
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